Angel Fire: New Puzzle Trooper Character Update


It was only a matter of time until the fine folks at gumi Asia started taking jabs at UK’s most popular all-girl pop group. Enter the Spicy Strike Angels, brand-new from Puzzle Trooper’s latest update.

That’s four of them for you to seek & recruit, commander! There’s Geri Pepper, Emma Mint, Melanie Nutmeg, Mel Saffron, and Vicky Licorice. Each of them can be upgraded to their second awesome form, dealing more damage and using more special abilities than before.

If you’re good and able to defeat Paprika “Dark” Spice, you can have her join your dirty dozen (or more than a dozen, if you’ve been playing long). So don’t leave these girls hanging!

For more updates on our puzzle RPG, there’s our video channel you can tune in to for more gumi Asia goodness! Head to our wiki for more community-sanctioned info.

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