Hello, Summoners. Today is a day unlike any other.


We’d like to introduce a new upcoming game in the works, thanks to a partnership between the world renowned game company Square Enix and us, gumi Inc.


That game in question? It’s a brand new entry in the Final Fantasy series called FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS. Huzzah!

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So what is FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS? The story goes a little something like this:


A tale of crystals begin anew…

From SQUARE ENIX & gumi Inc. comes a tried-and-true yet brand new RPG experience for smartphones.

Play an entirely new RPG made in classic FINAL FANTASY style! FINAL FANTASY: BRAVE EXVIUS features characters from past FINAL FANTASY titles, an expansive storyline, and a simple-yet-deep combat system.



Sounds breathtaking, right? Here are the game’s features:

  • Traditional, turn-based gameplay with streamlined battle mechanics and intuitive touch controls, making it easy to pick up and play for newcomers as well as long-time fans.
  • Players will be able to move their characters through fields and dungeons to search for items, hidden paths, and new routes.
  • High-quality CG animations of FINAL FANTASY summons.
  • Appearances from new and characters from past titles like the Warrior of Light, Cecil, Vivi, and Terra.
  • A complete RPG experience in an easy, portable format for mobile phones.


Watch the trailer here to get a taste of things to come this year.

Stay tuned to this site; we will be announcing the game’s launch date. In the meantime, can we tell you about this pre-registration plan we have going on?


Basically, you get to sign up for the Crystal Milestone program using your e-mail. Once you do, you contribute a set number of points to the program. The more people who sign up and share this, the more points it gets. Everyone who plays the game at launch will get free prizes in-game depending on how many points the Crystal Milestone gets in the end.


In short: the more people contributing to the Milestone, the more gifts everyone gets when the game launches worldwide. Share the love, and contribute to pay it forward! 


FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS will also be made playable at this year’s E3 at Square Enix’s booth. Stay tuned to gumi’s website for more updates!


Final Fantasy Brave Exvius_illustration


©2016 SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD. All rights reserved. Developed by gumi Inc.
Illustration © 2014, 2015 YOSHITAKA AMANO
  • Dakaran

    Great gameplay in Exvius but fix the poor translation of the menus and the story, and also insert with a hard coded cap of 2 of the same units on the dupes rates of the 5500 lapis for 11 characters summoned deal because it’s insane the number of dupes I got! It’s discouraging me from trying again!

    I just got 5 Lawrence in the same batch, so half my units were the SAME character, I think it’s abusive and should not happen ever!

    Fix this please and thank you!

  • 15751Chris

    Quit the game after Orlandu banner and 100+ pulls with 0 rainbows. Had put over 200$ into a game that rarely saw any results from it. Was fun till the Orlandu banner. See ya later gumi, I’m gone with gacha games. I was new to gacha games but now I know how it works. Fool me once….shame on u……..fool me…cant fool me again@ (in the words of one of the worst presidents George W Bush

  • Darquan Thompkins

    1,000 plus pulls and no rainbow why are the summoning rates so low ? Now i don’t mind the dupes (TMR leveling) but it’s so ridiculous to constantly be disappointed by shameful banner pulls that say increased rates……

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