Brave Frontier Fan Friday: January 22


Before we start, a moment of silence for a dearly departed friend.


For those who just started their new adventure in Brave Frontier, here’s an official word from us.

“Greetings, Captain. Welcome to the world of Brave Frontier.

Even though your adventures in Yggdra have come to an end, a new chapter in your life has begun! New wonders and thrills await you in the land of Grand Gaia, brave new Summoner!

Some quick reminders before you set off on your journey:
– Do remember to claim your Brave Frontier x Chain Chronicle reward via the Presents Box of your
account in Brave Frontier. You can find it at the game’s Home screen on the right.

– You can get the latest news and updates on our following channels: Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.  Staying connected means staying updated!

– Lastly, swing by our Forums once you’re settled in to meet other Summoners from around the world!  Trade tips, tricks, and strategies in conquering the monsters of Grand Gaia.

Once again, welcome to Brave Frontier. Today, your new journey begins!”


And with that, let’s continue on with showcasing the best of Brave Frontier’s lovely fan art and video features.

toiletbunny duo

Art by toilet_bunny.


brave frontier_zellha

Zellha art by TOWAKO_M.



Lucina by 430orz.




More devilish artwork by Im0tsuki.



Kagura by Stanis23. Good to know that some underdogs of the Brave Frontier universe are getting some art love.


Our featured video of the week is from JinRai Gaming with tips on grinding at Frontier Hunter  EX22.

Have a good weekend, Summoners!

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