Brave Frontier Fan Friday: July 15


Hello Summoners,


It’s the halfway point of July. We’ve just announced our latest collaboration with SNK Playmore: Brave Frontier X THE KING OF FIGHTERS. We’re bringing in a bit of fighting game history into the vast world of Grand Gaia. Prepare for a match of the millenium as Kyo Kusanagi and company participate in the Scarlet Abyss tournament and confront their nemesis Rugal Bernstein. Get more info here!


Amidst all this excitement, here are some awesome Brave Frontier artworks from our fans worldwide.



Kalon wonders how those feathers are still floating in mid-air. Art by bravenukege.



Everybody’s favorite jerk Lugina, drawn by 430orz.



Elza by Hosen Hosen Hocen.



Serin only needs ducks and cannons to take on rival heroes and Summoners. God bless her. Art by calamityusagi.


See you next week!


  • Bubblepop32

    Uwaahhh These people are very talented! They’re really good XD

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