Brave Frontier Fan Friday: Sept 23


Heyo Summoners! Before we get it on with this week’s Fan Friday, remember to give our newest Brave News Channel episode a look – we’ve got some awesome news for you, including a peek at the next Galardhon unit! And swing by our forums for a peek at our ongoing SMT x BF collaborative unit release!

And now, on with the show!

C-come on, Aaron (or i-is it Kalon?!) – it’s not like we love to see you or anything, you b-big dummy! R-right Rotsuto?! (Source)


Well, some people need a laugh or two from time to time. Big shoutout to Ryuukeru for this take on Quaid and Diana! (Source)


Even if it may seem rough at first glance, Vemoni’s got a pretty good sketch of Kira’s inner torment (almost-payday is a pretty close second). (Source)


And to round it out, Hosen-Hosen-Hocen shows us how adorably cute Michele can be … just before she has that big lug of a robot step on you. (Source)


Last but not the least, a big shout-out to Milko who just celebrated his birthday, Brave Frontier style: with a few fun summons! What could possibly go wrong?


That ends our Fan Friday for this week! Want your work featured here? Remember to tag your Tweets and Deviantart/Pixiv posts with #BraveFrontier so that the team can check them out! See you next time!

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