Brave Frontier Fan Friday: Sept 30


Hey there Summoners! Woo, it’s a Friday and the end of September – get ready to wake your friends who wanted to spend this month fast asleep! And when you do, tell them about our hottest update: the arrival of the third chapter of Brave Frontier!

And now, some awesome community work from our fans in Brave Frontier!

Kicking it off, we have Ryuukeru showing us what lies under Magress’s helmet. We have to ask, though – what’s his conditioner? (Source)


Yumikari continues her art spree with Feeva sitting on some tasty treats – delicious! (Source)


Meanwhile, Shura gies us a glare of … well, that’s up to the viewer now, isn’t it? Thanks Vayreceane! (Source)


And last but not the least, kimileaf gives us a taste of some quick sketches with this shot of Ivris – this is just one of the works that they’ve uploaded, so check them out! (Source)


That wraps up our Fan Friday for this week! Want your work featured here? Remember to tag your Tweets and Deviantart/Pixiv posts with #BraveFrontier so that the team can check them out! See you next time!

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