Brave Frontier Fan Friday: Sept 9


Heya Summoners! Have you checked out our latest collaboration with Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse (woo, what a mouthful!)? Brush up on the latest news over at the forums and snag some in-game goodies as well!

Check out the latest Brave Frontier artwork by our fans!


Great lighting work by Stanis23! Zephyr contemplates the future … and his choice of hair stylists. (Source)

Or perhaps brooding villains are more to your liking?

Mad God Zebra close up

Luffie gives us a great preview of their take on Mad God Zebra! Just don’t get lost in his eyes … (Source)

Sometimes, you really can’t tell the difference between the two.


Vayreceane shows us her prowess in the digital arts with this fantastic look at the tragic road that faith can take one on. (Source)

And last but not the least, Milko talks about making loads of Zel – with some naturally hand-crafted, organically grown artisanal advice.

Thanks for tuning in, and remember: it’s not over till it’s over – so keep on trucking, Summoners!

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