Brave Frontier – Omni+ Boost Expansion & Vortex Arena upgrade


Summer has just begun and there’s much to do at Brave Frontier’s mega 2017 Brave Summer Festival celebrations. Besides enjoying the sun, sea and sand, players can now boost their Omni units to Omni+ levels with the Omni+ Boost Expansion, starting July 26th.

This expansion allows players to unlock up to three tiers of Omni+ levels with special materials. Each tier will unlock a higher limit for the unit’s raised stats and skill points (SP) and over 100 Omni units will be available for the Omni+ Boost.

Players with squads made up of minimum Omni-level units consisting of at least three mono-element Omni+ units of the same Omni+ level can also take advantage of the newly introduced Elemental Paradigm system. The Elemental Paradigm will boost all parameters to active Omni+ units and trigger Spark, Critical and Elemental Squad damages. Up to three levels of Elemental Paradigm effects can be unlocked in battle.

To celebrate the arrival of the highly-anticipated Omni+  Boost Expansion, players can participate and contribute to the Omni+ Milestone Campaign by boosting your units to Omni+ and get exciting rewards in return!

Omni+ Milestone Campaign

Event Period:
July 27, 00:00 PST – August 25, 23:59 PST

Milestone 1Omni+ Boost 20,000 times50 Ignis ShardGod Set
Milestone 2Omni+ Boost 40,000 times50 Algor ShardCrystal Set
Milestone 3Omni+ Boost 80,000 times1 Summer Summon

The next Milestone will be revealed after the previous Milestone has been reached. Reach for the milestones NOW!

Bringing more exciting content to players alongside the Omni+ expansion is the upgraded Vortex ArenaThe Vortex Arena will host Elemental-focused Seasons each month in the following order: Fire, Water, Earth, Thunder, Light and Dark. Players can form a full mono-elemental squad corresponding to the element in play to battle against other players for high score rankings and Vortex Tokens that can be exchanged for attractive Spheres, Elgifs, Omni+ Boost materials at the Event Bazaar.

The upgraded Vortex Arena will play host to a grand showdown of Elemental Heroes that is happening at the Vortex Gate!

So join the battle together with your comrades and make every participation counts for our Vortex Arena Milestone Campaign Event from August 3, 00:00 PST until August 8, 23:59 PST!

Milestone 1Play Vortex Arena 500,000 timesIgnis Shard x100
Crystal Set x3
Milestone 2Play Vortex Arena 1,000,000 timesElementum Tome x10
Crystal Set x3
Milestone 3Play Vortex Arena ?????? timesSummer Ticket x1


  • Milestones will be unlocked after achieving previous Milestones.

A limited edition elemental unit will also be released each season. The featured Fire and Water Elemental Unit that can be summoned from July 27th – August 4th, and August 23rd – September 1st respectively are:

Blaze – the fearless fire elemental hybrid with a fiery set of wings and a thirst for knowledge.

Sae – the pint-sized aquatic hybrid bent on world domination.

From now till August 31st, players can also grab the Exclusive Summer bundles that are on offer and partake in the following fun-filled activities that are lined up for Brave Summer Festival 2017:

  • Brave Summer Festival Login Campaign (July 15th – August 31st)

Log in and enjoy 40 days of fantastic login rewards, comprising:

  • FIVE Summer Summon Tickets
  • TWENTY Gems (One Gem of USD 0.99 value available for redemption every 2 Days!)
  • ONE Unit of Choice (Select from any 300 Heroes from the game) on the 40th Day of login
  • 5 Stars Global Exclusive Elgifs, 100 of each Omni+ Elemental Shards, 15 Elementum Tomes  and 5 Geminus Tomes up for grabs

  • Strategy Zone: Battle No. X2 (From August 8th)

Returning from the popular 2016 Eneroth story arc is Ezra who has laid out a challenge to the Summoners who dare pit their skills against the legendary Ezra in Noel’s Latest Experiment. 
Those who are able to defeat Ezra in this Trial will be able to acquire her as a unit and get her Alternative Art and ONE Gem.

  • Brave Frontier Stickers with Version 1.8.0 Update
    iOS players who have downloaded the version 1.8.0 update of Brave Frontier will automatically be able to start livening up their iMessage conversations with the newly-released Brave Frontier Stickers.

    The 44-sticker pack contains global exclusive designs as well as Brave Summer Festival 2017 event stickers. Players can click on the event stickers to get directed to the app and claim the extra rewards which are redeemable from the presents box.

For more details on the Omni+ Expansion and Brave Summer Festival 2017 events, visit and

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