Brave Frontier Updates: Guild Raid Season 2


Greetings Summoners!

The Guild Raid Season 2 Schedule is out! So round up your fellow Guild Members to participate in any of the matches and vie for the top spots of the Guild Raid Rankings!

Duration: 25 Days (17 MAR, 20:00 PST – 11 APR, 19:59 PST)

Guild Raid Season 2 Schedule

Guild Raid Season 2 Changes
Many thanks to all who have participated and supported us in the Guild Raid!
Here’s the list of changes that we have made for Guild Raid Season 2.

1) Reduced number of Matches in each Round from 3 to 2.
2) Standardized Skill Slots for all Guardians (1 Light, 1 Medium, 1 Heavy)
3) Rebalanced existing Guardian Active Skills and Added 5 New Guardian Skills
4) Rebalanced Scoring between Normal Monsters, Outpost Guardians and Boss Guardians.
5) Added Additional Bonus Score to Elemental Damage.

Guild Raid Season 2 Additional Features
To improve the overall Guild Raid experience, exciting new features have been introduced:

1) Guild Raid is now supported for Windows!
2) Guild Raid Room Management:

  • Guild members can now Open Rooms.
  • Rooms can have multiple Room Masters.

3) Player can bring up to 3 Squads into Guild Raid Battle with our new Multi-Squad system.
4) Players get to enjoy additional Guild Token rewards from completing Solo and Team Quest in our new Guild Raid Quest Feature.

To get more details of these changes and additions, please read Developer’s Diary Part 5.

Guild Raid Season 2 Rewards
Season 2’s Ranking Rewards has been balanced and the brackets expanded, so more top players will be guaranteed Zeis – the new trophy unit for Guild Raid – and more!

No changes were made to the Match Rewards and Round Rewards.

For the possible rewards that can be acquired when playing Guild Raid, please refer to Guild Raid Season 2 (Open Beta)

So what are you waiting for? Round up your fellow guild mates to participate in this exciting new season of Guild Raid!

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