Brave Frontier Updates: July 2017 Events


Summoners! Here are the events lined up for the month of JULY. Make sure you mark them on your calendar so you won’t miss any!

Brave Summer Festival 2017
July 15, 00:00 PST – Aug 31, 23:59 PST
Chill out with your favorite characters in Grand Gaia this Summer by joining us in Brave Summer Festival 2017!

We have lined up many special events and there are plenty of rewards for the taking! Enjoy the fun starting fromJuly 15, 0:00 PST until August 31, 23:59 PST!First of such events will be our Brave Summer Login Campaign! Log in everyday to earn gemsmaterialsevolution units and get a chance to select a Unit of your Choice!

More detailed information of Brave Summer Login Campaign and other events will be announced in the upcoming weeks! So stay tuned for more updates and get ready for an amazing time this Summer!

x2 EXP and Increased Honor Points
July 1, 00:00 PST – July 14, 23:59 PST
Get x2 EXP by completing any Quests!
(Now applies on Quest Maps, Bectas, Vilanciel and Ohbanahara)
Use Reinforcements and earn more Honor Points. Use them at the Honor Summon Gate at the cost of 200 Honor Points per Summon!

  • Note: We apologize for the confusion. x2 EXP is only to quest maps and other worlds mentioned above. Vortex is not included in the event.

x8 Increased Honor Points and STP
July 1, 00:00 PST – July 14, 23:59 PST
Use Reinforcements and earn more Honor Points during this period! Use them at the Honor Summon Gate at the cost of 200 Honor Points per Summon!

1/2 Energy on Vortex
July 15, 00:00 PST – August 31, 23:59 PST
Vortex Gates will only consume Half Energy every time you enter during the event period.

Summer Special Level Up Event!
1/2 Summoner Training Points
July 5, 00:00 PST – July 11, 23:59 PST
Don’t miss this chance and enjoy 1/2 Summoner Training Points (STP) requirement in The Summoning Arts Lab’s Training Camps. Grow your Summoner Avatar now!

Special Exchange Hall (JULY)
July 1, 00:00 PST – July 31, 23:59 PST
Come visit the Exchange Hall at the Imperial Capital Randall and trade your hard-earned Merit Points for special spheres ! Click HERE to see the list of special spheres that are available this month!

Special Weekend Achievement
July 8, 00:00 PST – July 9, 23:59 PST
July 22, 00:00 PST – July 23, 23:59 PST

Grab the chance to earn up to 10,000 Merit Points per event at the Administration Office. Use these Merit Points to buy evolution units, rare spheres, booster items, and much more!

Raid Schedule:
RC6 : Shusui + Mordlim
June 26, 00:00 PST – July 2, 23:59 PST
RC6 : Beiorg + Mora
July 3, 00:00 PST – July 9, 23:59 PST
RC6 : Barion + Melord
July 10, 00:00 PST – July 16, 23:59 PST
RC6 : Amu Yunos + Kalon
July 17, 00:00 PST – July 23, 23:59 PST
RC6 : Shusui + Mordlim
July 24, 00:00 PST – July 30, 23:59 PST
RC6 : Beiorg + Mora
July 31, 00:00 PST – August 6, 23:59 PST

Summer Special Raid Event!
RC6: Shadow Over Mt. Ziland + Cargnage Manifested + Clash of Rivals + Elusive Mitsudomoe
July 5, 00:00 PST – July 11, 23:59 PST

Raid Medal RUSH!
July 8, 00:00 PST – July 9, 23:59 PST
Keep moving forward and earn more Raid Medals – the currency is used for Slots located in Akras Summoners’ Hall Administration Office!

Raid Drop Rate Up!
July 15, 00:00 PST – July 18, 23:59 PST
July 29, 00:00 PST – Aug 1, 23:59 PST

Enjoy increased drop rates of exclusive materials obtained from Raid Battles.

Colosseum Schedule:
Season 17: July 5, 00:00 PST – August 1, 23:59 PST
The Colosseum is a combat stadium where players can put their units to the test in a competitive battle against each other while earning Colosseum Battle Points (CBP) to exchange for items in Colosseum Rewards.

3x Arena Battle Points & 3x Colosseum Battle Points:
July 26, 00:00 PST – August 1, 23:59 PST
There is a ladder ranking based on the ABP achieved for the battles. Each time you rank up, you can get special rewards for that rank and the CBPs can also be used to exchange items in Colosseum Rewards.

Frontier Hunter EX Season 40
July 12, 20:00 PST – July 17, 19:59 PST
Make your Rank higher at the Randal City Survey Office by taking on its Quests for the Frontier Hunter Season 40.
Earn higher rewards as you climb up the ranks with additional +20 Hunter Ranks!

Super Honor Summon + Super Fusion Rate Up + Daily 2,000 Honor Point Giveaway
July 7, 00:00 PST – July 10, 23:59 PST
July 15, 00:00 PST – July 24, 23:59 PST

Take advantage of the Super Fusion Rates Up and Super Honor Summon. Don’t forget to claim the 2000 Honor Points sent directly to your Presents Box!

Guild Raid Season 5

Guild Raid Season 5 will be happening at the end of July. So, prepare your squads and guilds as you aim for the highest glory to be the Top Guild in Brave Frontier! Fight to acquire the Season 5’s Guild Raid Trophy Unit and gain Guild Tokens to exchange for Guild Exclusive rewards from the Guild Exchange Hall!


  • Schedules may still change with prior notice or advisory. Always stay tuned to our official channels for updates.
  • Other in-game events or special events not mentioned here will have separate announcement including details.
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