Brave Frontier: Valentine’s Week 2017 Summary of Events


Celebrate the month of Love with Brave Frontier!

Make a date with your favorite squad this Valentine’s to defeat the forces of evil with Fei and Fang as they make a comeback and receive their Omni Evolution upgrade!

Get ready and read to find out more about the Valentine’s Day events that are in the works!

Valentine’s Login Campaign
(Feb. 8, 0:00 PST – Feb. 22, 23:59 PST)

Log-in daily to receive up to 10 Gems, seasonal consumables, and crafting materials for exclusive Valentine’s Spheres!

Watch out for more details!

Witch of Abyss Vortex Rerun
(Feb. 9, 0:00 PST – Feb. 23, 23:59 PST)

Relive the wonderful adventures of destined lovers, Fei and Fang and grab the crafting material for their Omni Evolution as the Witch of the Abyss Vortex Dungeon is back with a vengeance!

Fei and Fang Omni Evolution Unleashed
(Feb. 8, 0:00 PST)

Fei and Fang’s Omni Evolution is awakened! Find out more about their newfound strengths and their love story that is proven to stand the test of time!

Forgotten Shadows Vortex
(Feb 14, 0:00 PST – Feb 27, 23:59 PST)

Continue Fei and Fang love story in this 2017 vortex dungeon. Grab this chance to craft 3 exclusive Valentine’s Spheres with materials for a limited time only.

Valentine’s Special Resummon
(Feb 6, 7:00 PST – Feb 8, 6:59 PST)

Enjoy summoning from a limited 39 Omni Pool from Rengaku to Asto Batch, with increased rates on Glenn, Asto, Ilm.

Valentine’s Special Discount Rare Summon
(Feb 8, 7:00 PST – Feb 10, 6:59 PST)

Enjoy first 3 summons for 1 Gem only on our Rare Pool, with increased rates on Elimo, Zelnite, Fei and Fang.

Stay tuned for more Global Exclusive events as we spread some love this Valentines Day!

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