Brave Frontier x Guilty Gear 2017 Collaboration Summary of Events

18 May, 0:00 PST – 14 Jun, 23:59 PST

Unleash your inner beast as we begin our Guilty Gear x Brave Frontier collaboration this 2017! With exciting quests and awesome units coming to Grand Gaia, this will be a match you’ll definitely remember! So whether you’re in Heaven or Hell, take the stage as the duel begins! Let’s Rock!

1. Login Campaign

18 May, 0:00 PST – 14 Jun, 23:59 PST

Join in the fun with our Guilty Gear collaboration! Log in everyday for 25 days of awesome rewards, including 10 Gems and a Summon Ticket! Perfect for unleashing those killer moves!

Watch out for more details!

2. Special Collaboration Summon

Beauty and power are a deadly combination – good thing these ladies are on your side! For a limited time, Millia,Dizzy, Jack-O’ and Ramlethal from Guilty Gear will join you on your adventures in Brave Frontier! Summon them from the Special Collaboration Summon Gate for a limited time!

Additional Notes:
Millia, Dizzy, Jack-O’, and Ramlethal will be available in 7★ form and can be evolved to their Omni forms.
– More details on the Special Summon schedules will be released in the near future.

3. Collaboration Dungeons

18 May, 0:00 PST – 14 Jun, 23:59 PST

Finding yourself transported into a calamity-ravaged world, you are soon confronted by its inhabitants – a bounty hunter and a wandering king of Illyria! Are you up for the fight of your lives? Challenge Sol and Ky in the dungeons “Neo New York” and “Royal Court” for a chance at recruiting them to your squad!

Prove your mettle and clear the “Neo New York Again” dungeon to acquire Junkyard DogSol’s Summoner Avatar weapon! But keep your wits about you, for the battle will be the fiercest you will ever fight!

4. Collaboration Dungeon: The Magnum Wedding

1 June, 0:00 PST – 14 Jun, 23:59 PST

Elphelt is looking for the love of her life – will she find it in her (mis)adventures? From the Backyard of Guilty Gear, this beautiful warrior enters Grand Gaia in her search for marriage! And others have joined in the fray as well – Sol, Ky, Dizzy, Millia, Jack-O’, and Ramlethal are here too!

5. Community Milestone Event

1 Jun, 0:00 PST – 14 Jun, 23:59 PST

Work together with fellow Summoners to achieve as many clears as possible at the “The Magnum Wedding”! Hit the milestones to get Elphelt as well as Imps, Frogs, a Legend Stone, and a Summon Ticket!

Stay tuned and check our official Facebook page for more details!

Brave Frontier Global Team
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