Chain Chronicle Game Closure Notice


This post was originally from the official Chain Chronicle Global blog. 

Dear Captains,

We have been on a journey together in Yggdra for more than a year, and it has been really fun. Thus, we find it difficult to share the heartbreaking news: Chain Chronicle Global will be closing on 29th February (00:00 PST).


In line with this, please take note of the following sunset program details: Chain Chronicle will be officially closed on 29th February (PST). The app will be removed from all app stores (Apple App Store, Google Play Store and Amazon Store) effective on 18th January, PST. In-app purchases will be disabled on 18th January 00:00 PST.

You can still create an account if you already have the latest version installed on your device. If you have an older version on your device, you will no longer be able to update it from the app stores.

Additionally, all accounts will be taken offline. There will not be a new publisher for Chain Chronicle Global.

If we had any other way, we would have wanted Chain Chronicle Global to keep going. Unfortunately, we’ve exhausted all our options to sustain it to last even a few more months. You may check our Closure FAQ on this link for more information.

However, that doesn’t mean that we can’t have fun during the last few weeks in Yggdra. Here are a few of the upgrades we’ll be doing:

  • The AP Cost for all quests has been reduces to 1 AP.
  • Captains can gain five times the XP from all quests.
  • All Premium Recruit costs will be changed from 50 Prysma to 30 Prysma.
  • UR and SR rates at Taverns will be greatly increased.
  • All Premium Recruit options will have a 10 + 1 promotion with a guaranteed UR.
  • The cost for expanding Arcana Limit and reviving during battles will be changed from 10 Prysma to 5 Prysma.
  • A new daily quest with All Enhancers and Blacksmiths will be added to Dawning.
  • Great Success rates will be doubled.
  • New events and quests will continue to be run every week until the Closure on 29 February 2016.

Our journey may have come to an end, but we’ll always treasure the happy memories of our experience in Yggdra.  From the epic story mode to the many awesome events like the ever-popular Demon Raids, we had lots of fun creating the best war party to take on all obstacles!

We wish to take this opportunity to thank you all for the support you’ve given us. It’s been our great pleasure and honor in making your adventure an epic one.


The Chain Chronicle Team.



*P.S: We’ll still have a few more Chain Chronicle-related posts up before the adventure shuts down.

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