Dream Match Never Ends: Brave Frontier x THE KING OF FIGHTERS Round TWO!


Hail Summoners!

THE KING OF FIGHTERS has returned once again to Brave Frontier for a second collaboration round from February 22, 7:00 PST to March 15, 6:59 PST!

Joining the stable of fighters this time round a new challenger, Leona – the Silent Soldier of the Ikari mercenary group – and renowned rumblers, Terry Bogard, Iori Yagami, Benimaru Nikaido, Athena Asamiya, Mai Shiranui, and Kula Diamond.

The most powerful forms (Omni Evolutions) of Benimaru, Athena, Mai, and Kula are unveiled and all seven fan favorite characters are available at the Summoning Gates during this period!

Want to get your hands on one of the most notable THE KING OF FIGHTERS champion fighter, Kyo Kusanagi? Then be sure to partake of the Milestone Campaign and chalk up as many clears as possible with fellow Summoners while battling star fighters in the Fighter’s Challenge Dungeon, and you will get a 6-Star Kyo, free!

Include Kyo into your squad and you’re able to come face-to-face with Rugal Bernstein for an epic battle showdown at the Scarlet Abyss Tournament, where the strongest fighters gather.

Grab this rare chance to prove your worth against these kings and queens of fighting and stand strong as you pummel your way through Grand Gaia!

Hurry, spread this news to fellow fighters and enjoy fantastic rewards!


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