gumi Asia Featured Employee: Elsie Barcena


Happy Thursday again, Summoners and game fans!

Welcome to the next edition of our gumi Featured Employee feature, where we proudly showcase our employees who are currently working with us in our gumi Asia offices. You will get to learn more about gumi, the working environment and even hear some priceless stories on how the office got its start.

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Say hello to Elsie Barcena, everyone! She is a digital artist in our team who is responsible for creative designs in gumi Asia’s marketing. She hails from Manila, the Philippines, and she’s proud to be working on board the good ship gumi!


1. What do you usually like to do during your free time?
I love to draw and paint. Oh, and I also love to plan itineraries and budgeting for future travel and adventures.


2. What are your favorite video games so far?
I’m not really an avid gamer, just a casual one. The games I never get tired of playing are Child of Light, Rayman, and Plants vs. Zombies. It’s because I love the art styles of these games so much!


3. What is your greatest accomplishment at gumi?
Being able to meet the tasks together with my teammates and being part of the design team.


4. What’s your favourite food?
Anything that’s edible; I’m really not that picky an eater. However, I am a fan of sweets. Desserts like ice-cream always catch my attention first.


5. Please tell us a little known fact about you.
Since I’m a tiny person and have a low pitch voice, people always see me as a soft-spoken, timid, girly-type person who doesn’t talk much. XD But in reality, I’m really not into “girly” things that much, and my mind is like a 24/7 automated program that doesn’t stop talking. But I’m normal, I swear *laughs*.

Also, I love being with nature and do adventurous things such as surfing and cliff diving/jumping, etc.
6. What is your all-time favorite movie?
Tangled, Frozen, Inside Out, Up, Meet the Robinsons.


7. What’s the one word you would choose to describe yourself?
Hmm.. an “ambivert”, maybe?


8. Why did you choose to join gumi?
Because I wanted to be part of a gaming company as an artist.


9. What’s the best thing about working here so far?
The job I do and the people I work with.


10. Which country would you love to travel and why?
Sweden, Iceland or any of the Scandinavian region, because I want to see the Northern Lights (smiles). Also, I’d like to go to Japan, because I love their culture, especially their bonds between family and friends.


11. What’s the most interesting part of your job?
Making dynamic designs that fits the games that we cater. And also being able to do side illustrations and concepts for the game.


12. What’s the most played track on your Music Playlist at the moment?
“Roses” by The Chainsmokers and “Live Young Die Free” by Fletcher.


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    CONGRATS ELSIE! We’re so proud of you!

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