gumi Asia Featured Employee: Nurhidayat “Yat” Ibrahim


Happy Easter week, fellow Summoners and mobile game fans,

Welcome to the next edition of our gumi Featured Employee feature, where we proudly showcase our employees who are currently working with us in our gumi Asia offices. You will get to learn more about gumi, the working environment and even hear some priceless stories on how the office got its start.

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Meet Nurhidayat Ibrahim, or “Yat” for short. He is one of gumi’s hard-working Game Tester leads, making sure that whatever games he and his team test get pushed out as bug-free as humanly possible. He hails from the south side of Singapore.


1. Where do you usually like to hang around after work?

Home. Straight to home. I usually would read a lot of manga and watch a lot of anime.


2. What are your favorite video games?
Right now, it’s a mobile game called Exos Saga. For me, I love the character designs. Some say it’s not so hot, but it’s my personal preference.
But my favorite game of all time? It would be Wild Arms, the first one on the first PlayStation. It’s one of the few RPGs that lean towards Wild West tropes; you don’t see those kind of games in most Japanese role-playing games.


3. What is your greatest accomplishment at gumi?
Probably it would be redoing the QA audit system with my colleague Marian. There wasn’t a system in the first place, so we needed to get that sorted as soon as possible.

4. What’s your favorite place for lunch (around the area)?
That’s a bit hard. I’m a big prata guy, so I go to the prata place at Pasir Panjang’s Wholesale Centre (just outside the MRT station). It’s quite cheap.


5. Please tell us a little known fact about you.
I like to tell a lot of lame jokes and puns. It would kill my colleagues if I did not complete the day without one such joke.
6. What is your favorite Movie?
Deadpool, just because of his little hand at this one scene in the film. I love his lines and the show’s oddball humor.


7. What’s the one word you would choose to describe yourself?


8. Why did you choose to join gumi?
Honestly, the job was recommended to me by Marian. At that point in time, I was looking for work. gumi would be my very first experience in a gaming company.


9. What’s the best thing about working here so far?
I would say that working here is entertaining. You get to see new people every month. You get to work with friends and like-minded people. We may not see eye-to-eye at certain things, but we can always find common ground to work with in the end.


10. Which country would you love to travel to and why?
Japan! The main reason would be fresh air; when the door opens, that’s the first thing I will experience and cherish. I love to go to cheap places like Nakano Broadway to shop.


11. What’s the most interesting part of your job?
For me it would be the people. Personally during my quality assurance work, when you find something nobody else can spot, be it a bug or an exploit, it becomes a reward in itself.
It’s also funny that I redo certain things over and over just for fun.


12. What’s the most played track on your Music Playlist at the moment?
Most played track? It’s a mashup from DJ Earworm from 2015 called “United States of Pop 2015”. It’s a remix of hits for the entire year of 2015.



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