gumi Featured Employee: Katherene “Kats” Serrano


Hello again,

In this segment, we proudly showcase our employees who are currently working with us in our gumi Asia offices. You will get to learn more about gumi, the working environment and even hear some priceless stories on how the office got its start.

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Meet Katherene “Kats” Serrano. She is the Assistant Manager for one of gumi Asia’s departments; she’s responsible for managing and documenting game support protocols. Every company needs a structure and hierarchy to handle game support; she’s one of the few in the frontlines to make sure the support team can manage any crisis any time.


1. Where do you like to hang out after work?

I’m a home-work-home kind of person. We just usually hang out in our apartment and play League of Legends after work.


2. What are your favorite video games?

As a child I really loved playing the King of Fighters series (on arcade, with friends) and the Metal Slug series (“Heavy Machine Gun!”). I remember being scolded in front of my friends, every day, because I would spend the whole day at the arcade shop. Hahaha!


3. What is your greatest accomplishment at gumi?

I think my greatest accomplishment here is seeing the people I trained move upward. My heart swells with pride seeing my babies accomplish greater things in gumi. *cries tears of joy*


4. Where is your favorite place for lunch?

We just usually buy food outside then eat at the pantry. We eat outside when it’s Family Day, which is every Wednesday, after every Alignment Meeting. We eat anywhere.


5. Please tell us a little-known fact about yourself.

– I’m a Red Belt in Taekwondo.
– I tap my head gently before going to sleep. I guess it’s a lullaby for myself.


6. What is your favorite film?

– Apocalypto, best movie ever! That’s where I got my in-game name.
– How to Train your Dragon I and II. Toothless is love <3


7. What is the one word you would choose to describe yourself?

“Bad-ass”. *laughs*


8. Why did you choose to join gumi?

It’s really the risk and the thrill of working in a then-startup company. It was fun working at home. The work family then grew in number in just a matter of months.

The risk was all worth it.


9. What is the best thing about working here so far?

It’s being always happy at work. In gumi, we’re family. There are no dull moments; it was never a drag going to work here.


10. Which country would you love to travel to?

JAPAN! It started when I first watched Rurouni Kenshin way back in my elementary school days. The show got me really fascinated with the country’s history and culture. I can read Hiragana and Katana, but I can’t speak the language. I really want to know more about Japan, its culture, its constitution, and its by-laws.


11. What is the most interesting part of the job?

For me, it’s meeting kind and friendly people that you share the same likes and dislikes with. You can’t have a good job and a good relationship with your co-workers all the time, but in gumi, you can have both.


12. What is the most played track on your music playlist?

I’m an Alternative Song lover. But lately it’s “Tonight I Give In” by Jinky Vidal, she’s a Filipina. My favorite line of the song is this: “Tonight I give in to the feelings.. Tonight I give in to thrill of loving you…”




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