Happy Halloween: Here’s A Character Update Scare!


It’s the end of October, which means it’s the season to start scaring the bejesus out of people with elaborate costumes, and getting candy out of it. Ah, butchered pagan traditions…

Anyway, we have a new Puzzle Trooper update lined up for you; go watch it. If you dare….(cue ominous scary harpsichord music)

Frankie-Stein, Mistress of the Dark, Ghostbeard, King Rawr, The Wheelie Horseman: all of them are inspired by the library of monsters and scary creatures born out of Universal and even from literature. They also are heavy hitters too: Frankie-Stein’s Electric Current can force blue units to attack even when matching green puzzle balls. His Gigavolts of Pain! will deal 1,500% more damage as well as put up a temporary buff to damage absorption.

What more info? You’re gonna have to make your way to the Puzzle Trooper wiki page, soldier. There’s also a YouTube page featuring all our other videos of our match-3 puzzle RPG title. Get some!



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