Postcards From Eneroth: New Brave Frontier Global Exclusive Units


Feel the strength of Nyami and Allanon straight from the land of Eneroth. Take advantage of our limited-time St. Patrick Summon Ticket Bundles!


Nyami and Allanon Have Now Entered Grand Gaia

Take the chance to grab prowess of these new Global Exclusive Units from Super Rare Summon Plus and Rates Up promotion starting March 11, 7:00 until March 17, 06:59 PST. Also get 1 Bonus Exclusive Rare Elgif with every 4 summons.

Just a few key things: during this event, there’s a chance that you will get a minimum of 5-star units and a small chance of obtaining 6-star units. Global units are included in this Super Rare Summon Plus event, except for limited edition units (like Zeruiah, Randolph, and Ravenna). 

As a bonus, summoners can enjoy a rates up bonus for each summon pulled off on this event. Rates for Nyami and Allanon will go up to 10 times the amount on your 9th Summon onwards, with no resets to the bonus. In other words, your chances to get these awesome warriors from Eneroth will rise exponentially! 


St. Patrick’s Day Bundles

Let’s also not forget St. Patrick’s Day. In lieu of the festivities,  we’re bringing you limited-time Summon Ticket Bundles from March 11, 7:00 until March 17, 06:59 PST. Check out what we have in store below:


  • St. Patrick Ticket Bundle 1: get 4 Summon Tickets for just $9.99! (max purchase: 1)
  • St. Patrick Ticket Bundle 2: get 8 summon tickets for just $16.99! (max purchase: 1)
  • St. Patrick Ticket Bundle 3: Get 16 Summon Tickets and get more bang for your summoning buck for just $34.99! (max purchase: 1)


Ticket Bundle Notes:

  • You may get the Bundle Packs through the In-game Shop – Limited Time Bundles or by clicking the icon on top of the game window.
  • Price is based on US Dollars rate in US Region store. Applicable Taxes still apply per store region.

Summon Notes:

  • Cost 5 gems per summon.
  • Rates will stay permanently until the end of the event summon.
  • Bonus Elgif will be sent via Presents Box.
  • For the list of Bonus Elgifs, click here.
  • Elgifs included on the list are exclusive to Summon Gate and are not available at the Guardians of Lore dungeon.

Hurry and don’t miss this extravagant promo! And have a wonderful St. Patrick’s Day, Summoners!


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