Puzzle Trooper Migration Exercise Steps


PuzzleTrooper_SergeantWelcome Troopers! Now that we’re out of server maintenance, you can now begin to start the migration exercise! Here’s our simple guideline for you to follow. Read carefully:

Step 1: Click on the current Kabam app (it has the bomb sign at the bottom of the icon)
Step 2: Follow the instructions, and update the Kabam app
Step 3: Sign in to Facebook if you’re a Guest player, download and launch the gumi app
Step 4: Tap on “Login” to continue your conquest of the world!
Step 5: BOOM! 200 Diamonds for Troopers who finish the migration exercise. It will be automatically sent to your Inbox.

Also, G.O.O.D HQ provided an email sign-up for people who do not want to use Facebook as log-in.

If you have experienced any errors or problems with your account after the migration process, please provide us your player ID and send us an email through our Support Page at support@gumi.sg.

Thank you for your support to Puzzle Trooper!

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