Puzzle Trooper Special Events


Trucker Commanders II

LT. Will Smithereens & LT. Arnie Schwartz have joined E.V.I.L! Able to increase the damage of all same faction units in their squads, these Commanders will make quick work out of your foes!

Capture them from the Novice Event now!

The E.V.I.L. Strikes Back

Receiving his mission from the E.V.I.L. empire, our second 7 star Trooper, Adm. James Earl Bones, is here to make life as difficult as he can for the Troopers from G.O.O.D.! With his overwhelming presence, the Admiral will stomp out all semblance of resistance to the rule of E.V.I.L.

Do you have what it takes to take down this E.V.I.L. foe?

Deep Dish Revenge
Faster than you can say “SPECIAL DELIVER”, GEN. Domina Spitza delivers blue balls right to your doorstep with her Special Skill. Playing on Master difficulty gives you a much higher chance to capture her.

Leader Skill: Increases HP and Healing for all blue units
Special Skill: CHange all Healing Packs AND red balls to blue balls

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