Special Tuesday: New Brave Frontier Units Available!


Another glorious moment is about to unfold in Grand Gaia as new heroes will set foot and demonstrate their unique abilities in the battlefields.

For a limited time only, enjoy these Brave Frontier Super Rare Summon Plus with Special Promotion. Let’s welcome Gildorf, Klaus and Isterio to the land of Grand Gaia!

Starting Feb. 21, 07:00 PST to Feb. 23, 06:59 PST, get 1 guaranteed bonus unit of either Gildorf, Klaus or Isterio for every 10 Summons. Check out how they look like at the bottom. Spiffy, eh?


Gildorf Batch 1 ingameimage3927


-Summon cost is 5 Gems.
-Super Rare Summon Plus pool is minimum of 5-stars and a chance of 6-stars.
-Limited Edition Global Exclusive units are not included this summon.
-Bonus unit will be sent to your Presents Box.
Let these new heroes shine under your guiding light. Summon them now!

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