Wakfu Raiders New Guild & Story Update


w-WakfuRaiders_Early Combat

Hello Raiders,

This week we have a lot of new content uploaded to keep the fight going in the Etatim dimension.

First up, we have new Guild features. Now, players have access to:

Guild Achievements: claim attractive rewards by completing daily and weekly quests and by also contributing to the guild you’re in via Guild-specific quests.

Guild Hire: Use additional Karma you have to hire powerful units exclusively from your guild; you can use the extra muscle for tough fights in the Frontier Siege.

-Guild Boost: Team experience, unit experience, and gold acquired from fights and dungeons get a major boost when you’re in a guild. So start making your own and get your Wakfu Raiders pals on board!


We also have a new story chapter ready for conquering. Here is a synopsis of Chapter 12:

“The heroes and Tachye head into the Holey Forest to continue their quest to help Yakusha. Not all is as it seems in the woods, as they’re being stalked by a predator painted in perplexing pink!”

Take a look at the screenshot we have of the new map. Want to find out what you’ll be fighting as the final boss? Download the update now on iOS and Android platforms!

WR_New Map Cpt12

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