Our Logo & Creed

GUMI.SG | One Step Beyond

What’s Our Main Mission?
To entertain, of course! We strive to dish out fresh kinds of fun and fulfilment through this lovely medium we call gaming. Since the demand, potential and opportunities for mobile gaming is at an all-time high, we always try harder in coming out on top in that space. Exploring new technologies, creating solid development processes, listening to feedback: we do this all for you, our loyal fans and gamers. And we won’t stop.

Why The Funky Logo?
The red symbol uses the “g” from “gumi” as a foundation. The two speech balloons superimposed onto each other represent “Technology” and “Art” respectively, embodying our vision to “Harmonize Technology and Art”.

The speech balloons also symbolize the overlapping of conversations about technology and art in order to provide a magical experience for our users. The red circle at the bottom symbolizes the rising sun, a representation of our dedication to incorporate cultures that are unique to Japan in the contents that we create for the world.

Plus, red just looks cool on everything.

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